Card making

Moon Fairy

Topper made by sprinkling this @nuvobytonic Lilac Waterfall Shimmer Powder on white cardstock, spritzing it with water either drying it it leaving it to dry. Matted onto black card with a fairy die I got on eBay (unbranded). I added a heart for her to hold and added a few black stars, that were the waste parts of other dies (save everything as it can all be used 😃). Few dabs of @nuvobytonic Pink Champagne Glitter Drops and I’m really pleased with the end result. I’ve only recently started making my own backgrounds, only ever used card or paper before really. It’s great fun as everyone will turn out differently 💙 #cardmaking #papercraft #handmadecards #cardmaker #papercrafting #handmade #cards #cardmakinghobby #papercrafts #card #crafting #handmadecard #cardmakingideas #craft #diecutting #crafts #greetingcards #nuvoshimmerpowder #nuvodrops #novoshimmerpowder #fairy #moon

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